Excimer Laser

The xenon chloride excimer laser may represent a new treatment modality for the management of stable vitiligo.

Targeted phototherapy in psoriasis vitiligo

Excimer laser

The initial dose can be calculated by determining the minimal erythema dose for each plaque or fixed doses can be calculated from the thickness of the lesions which are then decreased depending on the clinical improvement.

Other conditions

Excimer laser has been reported to be effective in other dermatoses also such as oral lichen planus, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, mycosis fungoides and lymphomatoid papulosis. Interestingly, excimer laser has been found to be effective in hypopigmented striae, hypopigmented scars, acne vulgaris and other diseases and conditions generally considered difficult to treat. Increase in melanin pigment, hypertrophy of melanocytes and an increase in melanocytes within striae leading to darkening of striae were reported after use of excimer laser. These results, if confirmed by larger studies, will open up exciting new avenues for the treatment of these important and common skin problems.



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